Presentation Expertise – Presenting with PowerPoint – Where’s the Energy, What is the Level?

It’s Friday afternoon, soon after lunch and you are about to watch a colleague’s presentation. As the lights dim and the dull purring seem of the projector lulls you into a semi-comatosed condition, emotions of despair begin to take around, as the presenter introduces their 30 slides. You brace your self for the stamina exam that lies in advance.

Recognise the scene? It is becoming an more and more typical state of affairs in the enterprise environment and we now have to have to just take inventory and question ourselves of PowerPoint – “what is the reason of this presentation aid?”

At 1st, PowerPoint seemed to be the answer to all our presentation concerns. To the a lot less knowledgeable presenter it became a terrific way to set a presentation collectively. With its neat devices and simple-to-comply with composition, PowerPoint offered a ‘quick fix’ solution to our presentation anxieties – all the presenter necessary to do was to ‘deliver’ their slides.”

So why then does not the audience evangelise about it in quite the exact way? I am normally requested by these who attend my workshops how can they interact additional with their audiences when they are presenting with PowerPoint and why do their audiences appear to be indifferent or even disinterested in what they are seeking to present?

One particular cause for this emerging reaction lies in the presenter’s misinterpretation of the verb ‘to deliver’. Only far too usually this phrase has turn out to be replaced by the phrase ‘to examine out aloud’ and even by the phrase ‘to disguise behind’.

Who wishes to pay attention to a person reading through out aloud – never we all know how to browse previously? Wouldn’t it be simpler if we just give the slides to our viewers to consider absent and read at their leisure -in more amenable surroundings?

The slick and polished nature of PowerPoint has weakened the human enter in presenting to these kinds of a small level of insignificance that now, the presenter’s purpose is generally lowered to no more than the ‘PowerPoint Operator’.

So wherever has it all absent completely wrong and how can we re-tackle the equilibrium?

A person of the key elements in the demise of the artwork of presenting is down to our standard human phobia of community talking and our lack of inspiration to tackle this situation. General public talking is in truth a person of the most common general public fears – pretty much as strong as anxiety of demise!

So PowerPoint turned our knight in shining armour – it gave us the crutch we necessary to get above our fears by hiding behind the technological innovation. The display screen turned our shining armour – it protected our inner thoughts of insecurity by using the audience’s interest away from us – the presenter and directing their notice to the massive screen powering us which was something much much more ‘exciting’ to glance at.

Regrettably, the shine of the monitor diminishes pretty swiftly when you begin to see the eyes of your audience choose on a preset glazed expression – and you are only on your third slide out of 30. You imagine to your self “It is time to mount my steed and flee” – if only you could – but you still have 20 7 slides to fight via.

So we will need to go back again to principles – we have to discover to get in excess of our fears and anxieties and re-achieve regulate of our displays. We never need to ditch the PowerPoint but we will need to get started employing it somewhat than abusing it – the latter – which has become much more the circumstance in current several years.

Heading again to principles involves us to return to the very first golden rule of PowerPoint which just about anyone ignores. This is to remember that you are the presenter foremost the PowerPoint not the other way round.

But – as we have currently mentioned, nerves engage in a important position in this article. Simply because we are anxious we cling on to our PowerPoint for expensive lifetime – as if we are clinging to a rock in a stormy sea. We thus have to have functional methods to let ourselves to permit go without the need of concern of drowning.

Excellent delivery abilities will deliver us with this significantly preferred assurance. We have to re-understand the indicating of ‘delivery’ – that it is not reading through off the slide or hiding powering your notebook. It is all about the art of conversation whereby to understand to command and interact with your viewers. These are capabilities that can be learnt – in simple fact most great presenters devote a good deal of time practising their supply techniques to aid them build into self-confident and efficient presenters.

You voice is a crucial factor in the good results of your presentation supply. Quite couple folks use their voice to its whole opportunity. When we do the job with people on their vocal approach they are astonished at how empowering this is in serving to them to supply with increased assurance.

A robust presence is also very important. Very poor stance, irritating practices, lack of eye make contact with will all inhibit your capability to interact with your viewers. Normally, the PowerPoint presenter continues to be also close to or even hooked up to their laptop. It is as nevertheless they are saying to their audience “Will not glimpse at me – I am not important – I am just an accessory to the machines.”

I always suggest the presenter to shift absent from the machines when they start out their presentation. By moving closer to the audience at the start out you are declaring to them “I am in command of the presentation and welcome you to hear.” Working with a remote rather than the mouse will really encourage you to shift a lot more. The a lot more you transfer, the extra you command your space and interact with your audience

The next issue regarding the abuse of PowerPoint is the development of the slides. Have you ever experienced a conversation with an individual where by you failed to glance at every other at all? You may have done so but prospects are there was not a lot of rapport in between the two of you. We do require to look at folks – give eye get hold of to them if we want to engage with them and make rapport. This is also the case when we present to our viewers. But how can we do this when we are looking through off our slides – and often wanting at the display driving us – leaving us with our backs to the viewers?

This brings us to the next golden rule of PowerPoint, again – a single pitifully disregarded which is that ‘the sole purpose of PowerPoint is to guidance our concept not be the message.’

Studying your slides verbatim is not the reply -take a glance at what is on your slides and talk to yourself if this is audience helpful. The thought of ‘friendly’ has acquired rather baffled and slides have now come to be significantly less of a friend and additional of a foe. Who demands a good friend who throws an limitless stream of words at you with the sole consequence of dull you to demise?

Slides have to be retained cleanse. Distinct out the pointless terms. Less words say extra and have significantly increased affect. Use punchy phrases that seize consideration and are straightforward to examine at a glance. Recall the a lot more the viewers reads off the slide, the significantly less they are listening to you. And reading through is tiring – especially on a Friday afternoon after lunch – shortly your audience will adopt that glazed expression and their minds will drift away to pondering about their designs for the weekend.

“But how will I keep on monitor if I do not have all my notes on display?” – is the typical cry of alarm I get from individuals when I give them this suggestions.

It is truly easier to current with cleaner slides. Slides with just small phrases and vital phrases deliver an productive prompt but also give you the liberty to turn into far more spontaneous and conversational with your viewers. Recall, the slides are there for your audience, they are not your notes – do not confuse the two – they have distinctive purposes.

A fantastic PowerPoint presentation that stimulates and inspires – is this doable? Yes – if you have the electrical power to produce with self-assurance and certainly- if your presentation tends to make the correct details. Keep the PowerPoint in standpoint and really don’t allow for it to dominate. Usually bear in mind – you are the presenter and you are your very best visual assist.

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