Thinking about A Dance Firm Small business in Uganda?


When developing up in Uganda, a man or woman who selected a profession in Audio, Dance and Drama(MDD) was frequently ridiculed by currently being known as “Musilu Dala Dala!” [very very stupid].

Now picture it is the potential:

Saturday night on WBS Tv set. The most popular dance clearly show “Strictly appear dancing: Uganda Chapter” is on. Ugandan musician Jose Chameleon is dancing the flamenco with Monela, an agile companion from “G-power” dance team.

The judges are Stephen Rwangyezi of Ndere Troupe, Roger Masaba, previously of Footsteps dance enterprise and Sharon O Nalukenge of The Obsessions and Big Brother Africa: Amplified fame. Jose will get 6-6-7 from the judges. Fellow musician Bobi Wine with each other with Natasha of Kombat dancers win, BUT only because 86 year previous ballroom maestro Christopher Kato had declined to participate in this year’s display.

In scenario you are asking yourself what I am speaking about, Strictly come dancing is a well-liked BBC clearly show in the United kingdom in which different celebrities get to dance with a professional dancer partner over the season of the display. Judges and the Tv set audience get to vote who stays until finally the greatest winning pair is declared.

And what does Strictly appear dancing have to do with investing in the dance and entertainment sector in Uganda, the goal of this posting?

Well, I am intrigued in the upcoming and I can inform you that as prolonged as tunes(and as a result dance) continues to be the dominant variety of entertainment in Uganda then I will not be stunned if this is exactly where the craze is likely, you are probably wondering “not so “Musilu Dala Dala” then hmm?”

Which indicates that it is a sector worth on the lookout at, on the other hand, a man or woman in search of to invest in a dance group really should know as a get started without me likely into further specifics that for a dance team to survive, they will have to diversify their resources of income or in Ugandan talk, locate “facet bargains” just like say America’s most effective dance crew champions, the Jabbawockeez who now feature in videos and on Tv set exhibits.

First the Downsides (of class):

1. Finding a fantastic Choreographer

This is the driving power and inspiration of the group. The choreographer as a result desires to be at his/very best for the corporation to contend favorably. The difference after all among a good and bad group lies with the choreographer’s competencies.

Sadly there are not many excellent dance choreographers and trainers in Uganda. There is a substantial hole in to be crammed in this sector. The likes of 86 yr old ball home maestro Christopher Kato are in the evening of their professions, still there appears to be no ready replacements.

When you come across a very good choreographer there is of training course a hazard that he will be “poached” by a rival, I would therefore propose that you think about “locking” him/her in by way of offering fairness shares in the corporation, say 10%. This will with any luck , make certain balance for the enterprise.

2. Good corporate governance and expenditure in soft capabilities.

A dance group like any regular organization need to significantly take into account aspects of company governance like a board of directors/trustees with common reporting together with economic reporting. Other facets need to include properly produced policies and human methods expertise development. However this expenses more money which a dance team usually lacks. Boards of administrators need allowances and training providers like say Peak General performance are not automatically inexpensive.

How numerous dance teams for illustration get standard smooth techniques coaching like conflict management, motivation, dealing with strain et al?

In neighbouring Kenya for instance, one particular of the most prominent groups Sarakasi is established up as a believe in with a board of trustees steering it. I would endorse a very similar concept for the Ugandan dance sector investor. Although you might not start the measurement of Sarakasi, the thought of subjecting your decisions to independent folks who provide strategic path is most probable going to outcome in accomplishment.

If you of class simply cannot manage a board, how about a mentor? Stephen Rwangyezi the guy guiding Ndere Troupe which is most very likely the most outstanding dance group in Uganda has been in the sector for about 20 several years and will most possible be satisfied to mentor a dance group. No matter of regardless of whether you are executing up to date or regular dance, you could profit from this working experience.

3. Expert ethics and conduct

It is complicated plenty of for a usual business to prevent get the job done position romance contemplating most persons commit the much better element of their lives at do the job, it is even a lot more challenging keeping expert ethics in a dance firm, considering that a good deal of dance actions are very personal by character and so this is a hard. I nevertheless be expecting that with superior corporate governance highlighted in place 2 previously mentioned, there may for illustration be a policy on own relationships (spouse, lover or illicit affair at function (In Ugandan converse a lover/illicit affair is a “side dish” even though a wife/girlfriend would be referred to as the “key dish”). Judging by Ugandan press studies (or in truth worldwide information) it is not unusual for dancers to be associated say with principals, choreographers and the like which has guide to the demise of what would if not be a prosperous group.

Although romance in itself is not automatically a bad factor(who am I to act for Cupid?) there should really be procedures. In lots of corporate firms for instance there are limits on get the job done place romances or say spouses functioning in the similar office. Princeton College for example has guidelines restricting conflict of desire arising from get the job done location interactions(for case in point you can’t appraise your spouse/girlfriend/lover). A dance enterprise really should be no distinct, it is a function put. An different for the dance group which is small in measurement (Normally 5-8 associates) could be that there is a rigorous ban on the choreographer who is strictly talking a trainer from getting a particular connection with the dancers, who are strictly speaking college students. There would just after all be a breach of fiduciary trust and it shortcomings the other dancers who might feel favouritism in respect of the Choreographer’s spouse/girlfriend/lover.

4. Recruitment of good quality dancers and performers

It is difficult enough working with the social stigma in Uganda encompassing getting to be a dancer (bear in mind the choice MDD phrase?), how does the trader and/or choreographer recruit the high quality all spherical team that will supply and retain the team chemistry at a higher?

There are numerous options to uncover dancers. The good news is Uganda is endowed with many people today who like dancing. Auditions can be held say as soon as a thirty day period (relying on turnover and the mother nature of the upcoming challenge). Other alternatives may possibly consist of use of social media like Fb or “guerrilla” scouting (Luring a dancer from a different group to join the business).

A person option possibility for a lot of Ugandan dance groups is to include corporate social duty with “talent spotting”. It is not unheard of for dancers to be say orphans and/or bad. This is a idea that has been embraced by Crane Performers

5. Commence up funds, profitability and return on funds

So what do the figures of this sector appear like?

In my product, I advocate that the dance team has two diverse “departments/models” the “common” and the “modern day” just one. The cause for this is really critical.

This is a “weekend” centered business enterprise this means most actions will choose area around weekends and the essential threat is as a result that income is not typical. The problem is nevertheless additional acute for the dance group mainly because to hold currently being fantastic, the dancers will need to rehearse regularly and for that reason the company demands to provide foods and transportation allowances. The company hence could have to incur venue employ the service of and labour prices regardless of irrespective of whether there are performances or not. Obtaining two models guarantees a lot more regular performances owing to the desire for each classic and present-day sorts of dance in Uganda.

a) Classic. This unit does common Ugandan dances.

Why? To the outdoors planet(in case you have overlooked it) we are African and any visitor (say that Mzungu) is interested in being aware of about Ugandan tradition. They are not so keen to know that you can dance as nicely as Sean Paul or that you got street dance moves that place British isles Avenue Dance Group Variety to shame. Embassies in Uganda may perhaps present a grant for the dance group to accomplish classic dance or might even sponsor an educational job that is steeped in advertising and marketing African lifestyle as opposed to that concentrating on up to date dance. There are of course exceptions like say Tabu flow, a hip hop group or say Tofo Tofo A Mozambique group whose Southern African dance moves (predominantly Kwaito and Pantsula) were being highlighted in Beyonce’s movie for “Run the environment(women)”. The grant profits may well not be constrained to embassies. The ministry of Culture or even Nationwide Theatre most likely has a funds for promotion of tradition and so do quite a few worldwide corporations like UNESCO et al.

b) Modern day. This device does present-day dances for instance Hip Hop, Dance Corridor, Ballroom, Salsa et al.

Why? Ugandans are not automatically that eager on “conventional” dances and Hip Hop is for instance considered to be “hip” specifically among the the younger Ugandans. Ugandans likewise love Dance corridor and with the continued advancement of the songs marketplace, a modern device to say offer again up dancers is significant [say for music videos which I expect to be the trend in the future].

The comprehensive economic assessment is located on my web-site (Backlink at the base of this website page) but from that investigation this sort of enterprise has a loss of around Shs 10m! It is as a result critical to look at the relevance of the other earnings.

The overall other earnings from my analysis(on the web site) is Shs 12,960,000 for each 12 months. This will consequently reduce the projected loss of Shs 10m and hence the organization would then have a earnings of Shs. 2,151,000

Return on funds

On the foundation of the profitability investigation earlier mentioned, the return on money consequently is 6.257 a long time becoming:

Total start off up cash: 13,457,910/ Web financial gain = Shs 2,151,000


1. Chance to command important costs from numerous actions.

Dance companies are not your conventional business enterprise enterprise thus incomes and profitability are not preset for each say. But the critical pointer is the ability for the firm to be able to accomplish in varied roles of the field like acting, drama and video clip appearances. A dance group like anything in the leisure sector (or normally) follows that theory that if you are superior, you can command fees way in excess of the industry price.

2. Grant earnings/sponsorship and worldwide festivals

I have described beforehand the opportunity that lies in possessing a “traditional” unit which is normally seen as a usually means of boosting Ugandan lifestyle. Assuming say you recruited proficient dancers from disadvantaged backgrounds, then there is a superior possibility you can implement for a grant from embassies or other bodies that aid the arts and culture.

There is consequently an prospect if not for grant money/donations, then for exposure to the intercontinental phase which can end result in income in extra of the local marketplace premiums. African dance troupes are not uncommon in numerous global festivals.


The fundamental principles you have to get correct in advance of investing.

  • Team cohesion. It is essential to start out off with great start up funds to give you that initial force but what’s much more crucial to take note is that the critical useful resource is not money but the men and women who consist of the group. Hence how you motivate them and hold workforce chemistry is vital.
  • Performances/Advertising and marketing. In this company, performances (“gigs”) provide the company brand. What folks see and like is what they demand from customers! As a result excellent stage performances, outstanding costumes and patterns are crucial to make a mark to the folks who want these solutions. Marketing and advertising is similarly vital and so owning say a Experience reserve web site with contacts, most up-to-date events, images and facts must aid.
  • Other options. The other chances for dance groups are as varied as users can capitalize on unique abilities to break even and develop their record of client√®le. Like I explained, the “aspect discounts” are countless. If you get these suitable, then there is a very good chance the return on capital will boost and of course finding on “Strictly occur dancing” will cement your other cash flow.

Ultimate Phrase:

I do hope the quantities or projected losses have not automatically set you off investing. They should give you a objective and target to function to. You ought to be aware that with extremely minor funds start off a dance team say collectively with good friends, not finding paid and practising in a garage/friend’s home. As extensive as you have the enthusiasm to dance, you will thrive and go on to Operate the earth(girls)! so occur on

Go out and split a leg (not literally I hope).


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