PowerPoint – 10 Top Strategies for Presenters


Could our recent fixation with the PowerPoint presentation inspire a foreseeable future technology to critically analyse this flip of the century social conference? Will our emphasis on this presentation design and style be deserving of social commentary? In much the exact same way that present-day graduates smirk at how we made use of to mail memos in the inner put up will our company successors marvel at the convention that is is PowerPoint?

If the response is, “no”, then I hope it is for the reason that the convention is quick-lived that somehow we ditch the idea that because we can produce some textual content wealthy slides on our notebook we can, for that reason, current at will. The just one does not comply with the other. There is a lot far more to offering an successful presentation dependent on PowerPoint slides than just generating the slides themselves. There are 10 primary suggestions that I stick to:

  1. Really don’t forget the essentials. As a speaker our role is to entertain, encourage, inspire, persuade, cajole or notify an audience. No make a difference the sophistication of the application we have at our finger guidelines the key job we enjoy is no unique. If the software program gets in the way of our principal position we must not use it. All the speaker tactics and consequences keep on being fully applicable when PowerPoint is utilised.
  2. Go light-weight on the bullet points. PowerPoint defaults can press us into 1 of a range of presentation slide formats (text and articles layouts) that element bullet lists. If we use them we really should be very careful. Bullet lists ought to summarize — in just one, two or a few terms for each bullet — each of the factors we want to make. When we fill each individual bullet stage with text we operate the hazard of exhausting our audience. The lists by themselves really should also be held temporary. A couple bullets only. Not a whole slide total of them.
  3. Go straightforward on the details. Yes, we have to clearly show how we reach a conclusion or a advice — but we do not need to clearly show all the knowledge obtainable to us. A deluge of knowledge projected on to the back again wall of the conference room is just not likely to be read. Our viewers wishes to scan for developments. They will look for anomalies and they want to know will cause. Our viewers is not in a placement to digest big chunks of information and we really should regard that.
  4. Use only a person phrase where two could possibly do. Modifying our material is a necessity. We have to hold our content succinct, readable and indicative of our principal details so our audience can just take it all in. PowerPoint lends itself to excellent graphics, picture show and video clip. These are the most impressive parts of the deal and we ought to purpose to use them much more as speaker supports. Whatever we do, even so, we must not be tempted to use the duplicate/ paste functionality to introduce chunks of text from a further doc into the PowerPoint presentation slide format. It is not going to perform.
  5. You should not read the slides. PowerPoint tends to motivate us to read from our very own slides – from possibly the notebook screen screen or the bigger projection monitor. Both are inappropriate. They reveal that we are working with the slides as a crutch. Examining from the display also ensures that we you should not have eye make contact with with the audience and operate the threat of blocking the audience’s perspective. But worst of all, examining our slides suggests that we do not know our individual content, we are not sure of its articles and we have not rehearsed. Audiences respect skills and authority in their presenters — looking at our slides suggests neither.
  6. Reference the factors on the slides. Clearly we use PowerPoint slides for a goal. Possibly to summarize our main factors or to illustrate them. Provided the purpose, therefore, it’s incumbent on us to basically reference these factors when they are illustrated. Attempt to pause. Point out the point, appear back to the viewers and make the reference. Executing this joins up our discuss with our slide show — aiding our viewers to digest the most important details.
  7. Use the slide build approach. This is a PowerPoint jewel that is under utilised. It warrants additional interest not the very least for the reason that it lends alone to an interactive method in our presentation. Making use of slide develop approaches we can reference a place on the display screen screen, we can talk to an open concern of the audience and then we can all witness an solution look on the monitor. This could be a phrase construct or a graph display. The options are basically limitless. All the settings are accessed via the Slide Clearly show, Animation Scheme configurations in PowerPoint. Once again, the cautionary notice, we shouldn’t permit the technological innovation to just take more than — but you will find terrific possibility listed here.
  8. Use the black slide procedure. We usually need to just take inventory for the duration of a presentation — to verify in which we are or the way in which we are headed. At this second we need our audience’s whole emphasis on us the speaker. We really don’t want a distracting slide on the screen display screen. It is really tempting to job a corporate logo or a title slide. These are Ok but can continue to be a distraction. Alternatively we need to use a black slide (Structure, History, Hues, Apply to Picked). The black slide provides the perception that we have switched off the projector or the notebook. Naturally our viewers switches their notice to us. The moment our place is created we can keep on with our slides. The procedure also is effective at the close of a presentation.
  9. Use fonts and font sizes thoroughly. PowerPoint will normally default to a chosen font and font dimension when we get ready a slide presentation. Our process is to either stick with the default arrangement or use a better selection for the work. When we use alternate fonts and font measurements our drivers ought to be: readability and regularity. Some fonts are manufactured for reading at a distance — other people are not. Fonts can sign composition modifications these as titles, sub-titles and content. But when applied indiscriminately they really don’t sign just about anything other than a mess. Above capitalization is also a main blow to legibility. It seems that the human race is not intended to read in Money LETTERS — the higher scenario, reduced scenario strategy is most effective. PowerPoint will suggest us when we are being a minimal way too serious in our choices — but a lot of of us have by now turned off the Office Assistant!
  10. Acquire it continuous with the imagery. Slide colour schemes can actively hinder the readability of our PowerPoint slides. Reading through purple or eco-friendly textual content at a length is difficult. System to use darkish textual content colours (black or blue) out of a white background if you can. Or, where corporate colour strategies are used with a template format goal for crisp white lettering out of a darkish qualifications. We famous earlier that PowerPoint is superb at incorporating substantial top quality visuals (not necessarily Clip Artwork!) into our presentations. These must be used wherever achievable. But choose the cautionary point not to overdo the whiz bang results in the slide present menus (Slide Present, Slide Transition and Slide Display, Animation Techniques).

Any slide presentation can distract an viewers from their speaker. But by sticking to the essential concepts of providing a presentation and noting both the pros and disadvantages of PowerPoint we can use this deal to its complete result. Our slides are not a crutch — we must nevertheless put together entirely. Our slides are not built to be examine by us, the speaker — we ought to nonetheless rehearse. And our slides should really be constant with our principal objective of entertaining, motivating, inspiring, persuading, cajoling or informing. If we note these ideas our audiences will not smile at our PowerPoint convention. But they will regard our experience and authority as presenters.


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