Most important and Secondary Greatness


In our very last short article I talked about the comparison amongst the individuality and character ethic. This time I might like to look at what I will refer to as most important and secondary features of greatness.

I was quickly ready to see the powerful affect of the persona ethic and to clearly recognize these delicate, typically consciously unidentified discrepancies between what I understood to be correct and the quick take care of philosophies that surrounded us each and every day.

I comprehended at a deeper level why, as I had labored via the yrs with persons from all walks of lifetime, I had observed that the issues I was sharing as a marketing consultant with Franklin Covey and knew to be powerful were being normally at variance with these preferred voices.

I am not suggesting that components of the persona ethic – persona expansion, communication talent training, and training in the discipline of influence techniques and good thinking – are not effective, in point sometimes crucial for accomplishment. I feel they are. But these are secondary, not main qualities.

To emphasis on approach is like cramming your way by means of school. You in some cases get by, possibly even get superior grades, but if you don’t pay back the selling price working day in and day out, you by no means achieve correct mastery of the topics you review or produce an educated head.

Lots of men and women in leadership roles with secondary greatness — that is, social recognition for their talents — absence key greatness or goodness in their character. Sooner or afterwards, you will see this in every lengthy-expression partnership they have, whether or not it is with a business enterprise associate, a spouse, a pal, or a teenage little one heading via an identification crisis. It is character that communicates most eloquently.

Stephen Covey, in his groundbreaking guide The 7 Habits of Extremely Efficient Persons refers to Emerson , “What you are shouts so loudly in my ears that I cannot listen to what you say.” There are, of training course, conditions wherever men and women have character power but they lack communication expertise, and that without doubt affects the excellent of associations as nicely. But the results are however secondary.

In the last examination, what we are communicates much much more eloquently than everything we say or do. We all know it. There are individuals we rely on totally due to the fact we know their character. No matter whether they’re eloquent or not, regardless of whether they have the human relations approaches or not, we rely on them, and we do the job properly with them.

So, be mindful of the the two main and secondary qualities of greatness and the romantic relationship concerning the two.

All the very best,
John Meredith
The Mastering Heart – A United kingdom spouse of Franklin Covey


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