Discovering a Most cancers Remedy Would Place the Most cancers Treatment Marketplace Out of Business!


Lawfully, I can not notify you that monatomic gold cures most cancers, even while scientific research have demonstrated that most cancers people using monatomic gold have expert enhancement in their situation. For now, I am going to just relate my viewpoint based on what I have go through and what I’ve knowledgeable.

I’ve by no means had cancer, but my mother did. She died from the Cure! Her father experienced cancer and died. My dad’s mother experienced cancer and died. There is certainly a lot of conjecture in the healthcare group as to the brings about of most cancers. Right before the industrial revolution, cancer scenarios were uncommon. A lot of successful cancer treatment protocols had been created prior to 1950’s, but these treatments were suppressed by the mainstream healthcare institution at the behest of the pharmaceutical firms. A person purely natural cancer treatment that I are not able to legally inform you actually is effective is cottage cheese and flax oil. Which is very straightforward, and fully non-harmful. Is not going to kill you like chemo-therapy might, like radiation most likely will.

A mineral nutritional supplement derived from gold, named monatomic gold has been employed by ancient cultures in the course of earth’s heritage as an help in religious ascension. Contemporary scientific investigation has revealed that topics getting monatomic gold demonstrate an quick enhance in mind synchronization, major to worry aid. Legally, I can’t tell you that worry leads to cancer. I also is not going to notify you that de-stressing will heal your cancer.

It truly is also been observed that monatomic gold repairs DNA. It is really the DNA that tells the cells what to do, when and how to divide, no matter if to be wholesome or unhealthy. Exposure to environmental poisons like petro-chemical compounds can hurt the DNA, leading to cancer. Selected dietary supplements have shown to help in detoxing of these unnatural substances. Would you be shocked to learn that lots of pharmaceutical prescription drugs are synthesized from petroleum? What relationship do you feel might exist between the petroleum business and the pharmaceutical business?

Right before the prohibition era, Henry Ford produced cars designed to run on pure ethanol. John D. Rockefeller of Normal Oil fame made use of his influence to drive for the prohibition of the sale of alcohol, not to prevent people today from consuming, but to shut down the gasoline opposition from Ford’s ethanol output. Ford experienced filling stations that have been ethanol-focused, garnering some 25% of the gasoline product sales in America. Then arrived prohibition. Ethanol is a clear-burning gas, generating no toxic emissions. Petroleum dependent fuels and petroleum refinement to make gasoline and diesel gasoline creates cancer creating toxic by-merchandise. Some of these waste by-products are utilised in the manufacture of cancer medicine and other pharmaceutical prescription drugs. Read the lists of aspect-consequences! Jeesh!

It can be time we increase up and commence thinking for ourselves. Television gets most of it is advertisement profits from drug adverts! Tv also uses subliminal messages to method the subconscious thoughts to action. It is really also been discovered that brain-waves of television watchers are equivalent to mind-waves of topics underneath hypnotic trance!

My working experience taking monatomic gold is my thoughts is sharper. My desires are extra vivid, and I experience a greater considering the fact that of synchronicity of expertise. You know these “Aha!” moments? So, how could having entry to a better mental ability influence your ability to cope with wellness troubles? Do you consider you may be able to better form it out for by yourself, rather than just blindly adhering to the suggestions of some oncologist who has yacht payments to make?

To lifetime!


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